a beatup typewriterHow do I get to Beatville? - an off-beatnik musical

an off-beatnik musical by Peter Forrest

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Script & Scene List

Setting: Firefly Café (New York City 1959)

Titles of scenes and corresponding songs:

Act I Scene Name Song Title Sung by
Scene 1 Three Beats Meet at the Firefly Café Overtur-O
We Three Beats
Rita, Nicky-9-doors, Jackie
Scene 2 Popov and the Old Country For a Few Rubles More Mrs. Popov
Scene 3 Agent X Comes to Town O Daddio, Where Ya Gonna Go? Rita, Nicky-9-doors, Jackie, Agent-X
Scene 4 Nicky's Typewriter King-O' Bohemi-O' Blues Nicky-9-doors, Rita, Jackie
Scene 5 Popov Jazzes it Up 3/4 Cuppa Jazz Mrs. Popov & Beat Chorus
Scene 6 Natasha Comes Home Beatnik Chick Natasha & Rita, Jackie
Act II Scene Name Song Title Sung by
Scene 1 Café-O-Late!    
Scene 2 J.P. Makes the Scene How do I get to Beatville? J.P. Troubadour & Beat Chorus
Scene 3 Popov Meets the Beats 1/2 way Siberian Tiger Mrs. Popov
Scene 4 "Poets of the Beat Generation" Reading MacBeat Act I, Scene 3
Row that Volga Boat, man!
All Beats
Scene 5 FBI Poetic Justice Song Kerouac Goes Beatnik All Beats
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